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Treatment Systems
Econocycle Executive - Econocycle Maxi - RootZone Reedbed
Disposal Methods
Subsurface Irrigation

RootZone Reedbed
Introducing a new player in the field of environmentally friendly wastewater treatment and management.

Using reed bed technology to treat all wastewater, or greywater only, from households, public toilet blocks and commercial properties.

Producing safe clean water for garden or under-lawn irrigation. With UV sterilisation the greywater can be recycled through toilet flushing.

BlackwaterDrawing GreywaterDrawing
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Rootzone Filter Beds
- Produce no noise, smells or sludge
- Require no chemical additives
- Have few electrical and mechanical parts
- Are simple to operate without complex controls
- Have low maintenance costs
- Are long lasting, wear free, self regulating ecosystems

For further information go to the EPA Approval For Greywater or visit the Rootzone website.