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Treatment Systems
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Disposal Methods
Subsurface Irrigation

Subsurface Irrigation
Wimmera Wastewater Treatment are local installers of subsurface irrigation systems.
These systems are used in the disposal of treated wastewater.

Advantages of a subsurface irrigation disposal system.
-Waste water is distributed over the entire area for even absorption, and transpiration.
-Nutrient take-up by the surrounding vegetation is maximized as the water is utilized for irrigation.
-Health risks are eliminated as bacteria, viruses and pathogens are not applied to the surface. Soil microbes consume any residual bacteria and organic matter.
-There is no surface water run-off, or ponding that can contaminate or pollute surface water streams with treated effluent.
-Surfaces can be safely used by humans and animals at all times and even whilst the system is in operation.
-The effluent water can be utilised to supplement irrigation requirements, under lawn and landscaped areas, thereby reducing potable water use.
-Installation, site preparation and works are less disruptive and intrusive, with no excess soil for removal, or screenings required in trenches. The original site soil is used for backfilling.
-Small, odd shaped and sloping areas can also be watered by the system.
-The entire system is underground, eliminating damage by lawn mowers, animals and children and no moving parts means low maintenance and high reliability.